Handcrafted Jewelry and Metal Craft

Design, fabrication or repair of small metal objects.

  COOL STUFF (Old & New) proudly owned and operated by Anita and Gene Smith.

    Yes, a "mom & pop" operation.  A fairly humble operation but not as humble as our beginnings in the retail/service trades.  We started at the absolute bottom of the entrepeneurial ladder - yes, the local flea market in 1992.  Selling cheap plated and costume jewelry every weekend at the biggest flea market in our area.  It was an educational experience.

    Having retired from the US Army in 1993, "pop" (Gene) went to jewelers school in March 1994.  Operations at the flea market expanded quickly to "repairs while you wait", watch batteries, sterling silver and yellow gold jewelry sales.  We became permanent vendors and built our little empire of glass jewelry cases.  We remained regular vendors at the market until 1999.  We opened our first small "brick & mortar" store in 1995 (Green Gable in Claxton, Georgia) and ran both operations for 4 years.

  Kept the first store open until selling the property in 2005.  Took a break from the trade (we built a house) until we opened Cool Stuff in 2007.  We're now definately settled in and have a bevy of regular local customers and a fair number of telephone order customers.  We ship items all over the US - normally US postal service.

    Our most popular service - taking some small personal family item and turning it into a treasured keepsake.  The objective is to make the recipient cry (a happy cry, not a sad cry).   Look through your junk box, junk kitchen/dresser drawer, button box or storage area - something with a story is there.  Could be a button from grandpas military uniform, could be your tarnished old baby spoon, a cracked piece of moms old china,  grandmas hideous old rhinestone earrings or some scarcely identifieable piece of metal.  Ask us for ideas.